Raven Shift

Raven Shift.An Art Film by Inga Kimberly Brown. The film is a mixture of performance and fact based photos and video of something UFOish in the sky. True Story.  The real life footage of something in the sky, was discovered while on a walk with my two dogs Johnnie- Mace and Che' one evening in Greensboro, North Carolina in October, 2015.

The Anatomy of a Negress

A Point of View. Video Art Created by Inga Kimberly Brown

Inga Kimberly Brown in "Walk"

Video Art, Poetry, A Painter SPEAKS

Inga Kimberly Brown talks about PAFA

Inga Kimberly Brown, talks to PBS Friday Arts about Pafa and Barkley L. Hendricks

Interview with PBS Friday Arts/ WHYY/ Inga Kimberly Brown

Inga Kimberly Brown Talks about Pafa and Barkley L.Hendricks